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  • Big Block Quartz Crystal Thickness Sensor

    Big Block Quartz Crystal Thickness Sensor

    Check out the new Big Block Quartz Crystal Thickness Sensor From McVac Manufacturing. If your vacuum coating processes demand more temperature control for your Quartz Crystals, this is the Sensor to use. With 1/4” diameter cooling tubes, your liquid cooling fluid supply is sure to reach the Crystal Sensor with less flow restriction, and more effective cooling…

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  • Baseball Bash – Syracuse Challenger Baseball League

    Baseball Bash – Syracuse Challenger Baseball League

    During this past weekend, we had the pleasure of attending the second annual Baseball Bash to support the Challenger Field of Dreams right here in Syracuse, NY. The Baseball Bash is a fundraiser used to help build the athletic fields used by the Syracuse Challenger Baseball League, which is a baseball league for individuals with special needs.…

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  • MRS Fall Exhibit: Boston

    MRS Fall Exhibit: Boston

    This year, we are very excited to announce that we will be participating in the MRS Fall Exhibit for the first time ever! We always look forward to showcasing our products and abilities to new potential customers, and we are very excited about expanding our network at this exhibit in Boston…

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  • Single Sensor, round, 1/8″ cooling tubes

    New Style Single Crystal Sensor

    Take a look at the newest addition to our standard product line! After gaining some valuable input from our customers, we have decided to expand our standard product line with this new style single crystal sensor…

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  • SVC Santa Clara Exhibit

    Come visit us at the 2015 SVC TechCon Exhibit in Santa Clara! Our high quality thin film instruments will be on display April 28th-29th at booth 223. Don’t miss your chance to see what’s new at McVac!…

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