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  • McVac Crystal8

    McVac Crystal8

    Here is a look at the McVac Crystal8 Sensor and stepper motor controller interface. Our multiple crystal sensors are compatible with other manufacturer’s thickness monitors and controllers, and are available in custom lengths and on various feedthroughs.…

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  • Custom Aluminum Hanger

    Custom Aluminum Hanger

    Here is the latest look at our custom capabilities here at McVac. These aluminum hangers are being used by the local fire department for hanging equipment in their apparatus.…

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  • 1" Bolt Feedthrough With Compression Fittings

    1" Bolt Feedthrough With Compression Fittings

    Here is a look at our 1″ Bolt Feedthrough with 1/8″ compression fittings, part number 100-002. This is one of our more popular products, and we always have it in stock for a quick delivery.…

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  • Adjustable Length Crystal Sensor

    New From McVac, Adjustable Length Crystal Sensor

    Now you can set the exact location and position of your Crystal Sensor, using our new streamline Sensor/Feedthrough design...…

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  • McVac Displays At SVC Providence 2013

    McVac Displays At SVC Providence 2013

    Once again, we displayed our Innovative and High Quality Thin Film Coating Products at the annual SVC show, which this year was in Providence RI. As usual, our display was full of samples of some of our standard instruments as well as some custom products which we had recently manufactured...…

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